You are bidding on a 1936-S to 1955-S Lincoln "S" Wheat Cent Set

This set is in a partial cardboard page from a Littleton Custom Coin Folder made in the USA. It's a great starter set for your child, or a gift for a friend! This set includes 20 Wheat Cents listed here:

  • 1936-S
  • 1941-S
  • 1946-S
  • 1951-S
  • 1937-S
  • 1942-S
  • 1947-S
  • 1952-S
  • 1938-S
  • 1943-S
  • 1948-S
  • 1953-S
  • 1939-S
  • 1944-S
  • 1949-S
  • 1954-S
  • 1940-S
  • 1945-S
  • 1950-S
  • 1955-S

All 20 cents are in VG-8 condition.

Bidding starts at $1.99 and there's No Reserve! Shipping and handling is $2.99, with OPTIONAL shipping insurance at $1.30. We will ship as soon as payment is recieved. Personal checks will take 5 business days to clear.

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